How many people have got the keys to your home?

How many people do you meet and after a brief chat of maybe 30 minutes or more you give them the keys to your home so they can come in whenever they like, whether you are home or not? 

Do the people you trust the most in your life have the keys to your home... your Doctor, your Solicitor your Accountant?


Most people sell their home maybe once or twice in their lifetime. Identifying the best real estate agents for selling your home is simple process these days all you need to do is look on the internet… but what are you going to do with them once you find them? How are you going to interpret correctly what they say? How will you know if what they are telling you is actually in your best interest, is the best advice?

The real problems will occur after you sign up- in reality you are about to become an employer and you need to know how to manage your employee, the agent, how you manage them will determine your sale price!

Get the inside information and be in control talk to the team at AREC first.

PLEASE NOTE:    We DO NOT pass your details onto anyone else, we do not on sell your email address or phone number to marketing companies or any such like or real estate agents. Your personal details go no further.